Emburite Architectural Metal Panels

Our team of professionals delivers a wide range of architectural metal panels, including glazing infill panels, spandrel panels, shadow boxes, soffits, copings, back pans, and flashings. For all your metal panel needs, trust the expertise of Embury Company.

Benefits of Architectural Metal Panels​

Metal Panel Rain Screen Systems

Ease of Installation

Architectural metal panels are easy to install, requiring fewer labor hours, reducing the overall project timeline and costs, making metal panels a durable and efficient construction material without compromising quality.


Unlike other traditional building materials, metal exhibits exceptional toughness and durability. It is not prone to crack or fade over time, retaining its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Metal panels provide a durable and resilient building envelope.

Low Maintenance

Metal panels boast an extended lifespan, resulting in minimal maintenance requirements. In contrast to materials like wood, concrete, or masonry that often demand ongoing upkeep, metal panels require little to no maintenance, making metal panel systems a cost-effective choice over the long term.


Available in various surfaces, colors and finishes such as painted, anodized or textured, architectural metal panels can be customized to suit specific project requirements to achieve desired appearances and withstand challenging environmental factors.

Perforated Architectural Metal Panels

With an exquisite blend of functionality and artistry, metals add a touch of elegance to any structure. With customizable patterns and sizes, these panels can transform buildings into captivating architectural masterpieces.

Architectural Metal Roof Panels

Crafted from durable metals like aluminum or steel, these roof panels offer exceptional weather resistance and longevity. Available in a variety of finishes, they provide both functional protection and aesthetic appeal, adding a sleek and modern touch to any architectural design.

Exterior Corrugated Metal Wall Panels

With a combination of durability and style, corrugated metal panels, with their distinctive ridges, add depth and texture to any building façade while providing durability and weather resistance properties.

Wholesale Architectural Metal Panels Specialists in North America

At our state-of-the-art facilities, we thrive in seamlessly handling various materials tailored to your project’s unique specifications. Whether aluminum panel cladding or rain screen metal panel systems, we provide reliable delivery services to your worksite or shop. Each sheet and panel is meticulously packaged to optimize time and cost efficiencies, ensuring your highest satisfaction.

Our architectural metal panels, ranging from .016 to 3/16 (.1875) of an inch, are crafted from premium materials such as;

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Zinc
  • Bronze
  • ACM

ACM – Aluminum Composite Material

​​Our comprehensive range of products extends from interior wall panel systems to column covers and metal panel rain screens. Designed to combine strength and functionality, we are here to guide and assist you every step of the way and contribute significantly to your building envelope’s overall integrity and performance. Experience exceptional service and quality with Embury Company for your metal panel projects.

What Types of Coatings Are Available for Architectural Metal Panels?

Architectural metal panels offer a wide range of protective coating options to enhance durability and aesthetics, including anodized finishes to provide weather resistance and color retention to ensure long-lasting performance and allow for diverse design execution.

Can Architectural Metal Panels Be Used to Retrofit Existing Buildings?

Whether it’s to renovate a damaged roof or upgrade existing wall cladding and enhance performance, architectural metal panels can seamlessly be integrated into older and newer buildings. Their adaptability and customizable options provide existing structures with a modern and durable solution.